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Lower Back Pain Treatment With Complete Guide

Keeping waist – Lower Back Pain Treatment

painful you can apply ice to the area. You can apply this process 2-3 times a day. If you are growing your pain while sitting Sit
. If you care to sit way in the short term will not exceed 30 minutes if you have to sit in. If you have a Photo If waist corset (if recommended by a physician) should be used while sleeping If corset in motion by the rise and even recommended.
Top and run the weight of the lower part of the body or the exercise consists of aerobic activity is not recommended in the acute phase. To delay the natural healing of active movements in this period has been reported to cause prolongation of the complaints.
In any way to remove weight.
Couch, your bed on soft ground such as cedar. What you use the bed hard enough to force the spine, nor should be soft enough to collapse inward.
careful not to be constipated. Eat light and soft food for it. Do not straining in
Toilet, may aggravate your pain is.
Cough, be careful not to increase more than your pressure inside sneezing stomach.
Your pain Avoid sexual intercourse until last.
Mind set you can get at least 3 times a day simple painkillers such as parole.

Lower BackPain

What is the best time to use ice?

Ice instructed in your right after or pain from injuries is appropriate to do in the period when the most severe . Many pain is deep tissue bodys inflammation (inflammatory events, the fire) just after birth. cold applications should be made to reduce inflammation. In the acute period (the period immediately after the event) heat treatment is harmful. When hot it is deceptive because it applied complaints partly relieved, but it can actually lead to worsening the situation by extending the fire.

how do I apply ice?

the best method frozen after soft remaining available again ready for ice packs (icepack ) is used. These packages are cheap and long-lasting. It also does not soak in the surroundings. If you wrap these packages or ice pieces bag towel after putting in a suitable bag, you can practice.

It is necessary to put ice packs for more than 10-15 minutes. Applications should be suspended until after 30 minutes. 10-15 minute period can be repeated practice over the years.

You can put ice during the day as long as we comply with the above rules. But practically day 5 or 6 applications will be sufficient.

Lower Back Pain

I use ice for how many days?

the pain is always ice available. If more than the pain in 5 days please refer to brain surgery or physical therapy and rehabilitation physician.

how long should I rest up for My back pain?

scientific made over the last 10-20 years long-term studies have confirmed repeatedly that the appropriate treatment for the rest of the back pain. On the contrary, resting extreme pain, painful periods more frequently over the years, the loss of labor and leads to increased disability. Today’s proposal is that if the rest does not make the pain excessive force. If the maximum recommended bed rest if you have to or the patient is 2-3 days.

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